Davanzo L'Officiel offers a real service of interior design and consulting, with the possibility of adding, as required, an all-round cooperation for the management of complete projects established with clients and any intermediaries.

We define interior design projects that draw on inspiration from living environments, their constraints and specificities. Above all, they draw on the taste and needs of those who dwell there.

We take special care over selecting the materials and fully getting to know the products. Thus, we choose suppliers or create products that are tailor-made, while coordinating all the relevant craftspeople and tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers, masons, plasterboard workers, decorators, carpenters.

At Davanzo L'Officiel, we’re big believers in personalization so the furnishings we provide – whether contemporary or custom – must have a recognized intrinsic value. We also propose modern antiques, to enhance the culture of timeless design.


So what do you need right now?

Perhaps a lively, simple and innovative restyling. One which lives up to your dream of making your home both more genuine and beautiful? To breathe new life into furniture and furnishing, sometimes it can be enough to think up a good new arrangement or a different use of colours, adding in some accessories. Alternatively, you can enlist the advice of professionals whose experience will turn your living spaces into expressions of those who live in them.
We think ‘creative’, ‘low-budget’, ‘eco-friendly’.


FULL IMMERSION di idee, soluzioni, proposte presso Why not go for a ‘full immersion’ of ideas, solutions and proposals at your home, store or company premises. We will advise you on your premises, assessing them also using your items and furniture. Ask our advice on the best colours and materials, on what to get rid of, on smart D.I.Y. tips and hacks. And of course on how to reposition your furniture to complete the project independently.
Our advice can be decisive for your desire for RESTYLING.


Leverage our experience as a valuable tool for other professionals involved in building design who want to offer a greater, and more comprehensive, attention to defining their living spaces. We have specific skills, discerning taste, knowledge of solutions and furnishing products on the market. We also know how to read the living functionality required by those who use the spaces. All of this can make the difference.

If you are an architect, we offer you an information service on products you’re looking for, and our support in managing quotes, delivery and product assembly.


Our bespoke service will innovate your work/reception areas, catering premises/bars, professional studios or retail establishments, by being one step ahead of new tastes and needs and rethinking your spaces - from wall-coverings to parquet floors, from furnishing to all the aesthetic features.

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